About ShopMate
ShopMate.com is India's leading platform for providing 'OnDemand e-Procurement' - a SaaS based subscription solution. Working on a unique reverse auctioning methodology, we not only help buyers to save time, energy, money and create transparencies in their procurement process but also open numerous business opportunities with our prestigious suppliers. We provide end-to-end mechanism to help corporates in their purchasing process by offering multiple supplier options and quotations at the same time.

Our mission is to bring savings and efficiencies by offering the best prices and procurement experience with the help of our trusted network of suppliers.

We have a diverse set of more than 500 clients across many industries such as Big Corporates, Builders, SMEs, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Jewellers and e-Commerce organisations. We are also working with all leading brands including Samsung, LGE, Apple, Nissan, Panasonic, Hero, Yamaha, Honeywell, Hikvision, Renault, HP, Dell, Tata Motors, Maini Materials, Swaraj, Asian Paints etc.

ShopMate is serving in more than 12 major categories including Consumer Electronics, Computer Hardware & Software, Automotive, Security & Protection, Networking & Connectivity, Building & Construction, Office Supplies, Electrical Equipment, Corporate Gifting, Services & Telecommunications via its prestigious supplier network of more than 5000 retailers, dealers, distributors, OEM and Brands.
How It Works
  • Corporates can place enquiries and get bids / quotations from the registered Suppliers.
  • Buyers can negotiate the deal terms and prices, and place the order by issuing PO directly in favor of suppliers.
  • ShopMate facilitates and executes the purchase directly between enlisted Buyers & Suppliers.

The platform works as a bridge for both buyers and suppliers. It is as an extended arm for its clients, giving them the opportunity to connect directly with one of the largest available network of suppliers, collaborate and integrate with the right set of business partners and receive the best possible optimised solutions. For further details and suggestion please write to support@shopmate.com
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